A Toolkit for Mobile App Development for Ending Violence Against Women

Glossary of Technical Terms

Below is a list of technical terms defined to help you understand the terminology and language used throughout the HCD Toolkit.

Human Centered Design
A multi-stage problem solving process that not only requires designers to analyse and foresee how people will likely use a product, but also to test the validity of their assumptions with regard to user behavior in real world tests with actual people at each stage of the process.
End Violence Against Women
An acronym used widely in the NGO world to tackle the social issues around ending violence against women.
iOS is the operating system by Apple that supports iPhone, iPad, etc. In order to create an app, the developer will work with Swift and Objective-C languages.
Android is Google’s operating system. The developer will work with Java, a more common language.
Front End Development
The front end is the part that users interact with. Everything that you see when you’re navigating around from fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders is built by front end developers.
Back End Development
The back end developer builds and maintains the technology that powers all the components, such as the server, application and database, which enable the user-facing side to even exist.
User Experience
User Experience refers to how a user perceives, reacts or feels when interacting with your mobile app.
User Stories
A number of sentences in simple language that outline the desired outcome without going into detailed requirements.
the ease of use and learnability of a mobile app.
a depiction of a specific person, but not a real individual; rather it is synthesized from observations of many people.
A critical part of the design process is creating mockups, which are meant to show the end user what the app will look like without having to actually build the app or its underlying functionality.
These are drafts used to present the proposed functions, structure and content of an app. A wireframe separates the graphic elements of the app from the functional elements in such a way that developers can easily explain how users will interact with the app.

Additional glossary of technical terms have been written by ThinkApps and Blue Cloud Solutions.

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