A Toolkit for Mobile App Development for Ending Violence Against Women

Create an implementation plan

Now that you have resources in place, make a plan to implement the app. You will need to map out project details to understand what to focus on in each step and timely achieve your goals in the process. Create a worksheet with elements such as activities, timelines, stakeholders and partners, finances, and skills.

App Promotion Strategy

During the marketing phase, you should promote the apps through your own networks first. To encourage uptake of the apps, you should promote it through several channels. For example, you can host small workshops to present the app and key functions, lessons learned from the project and about the HCD process. You can also use traditional and social media such as Facebook or Twitter in both Khmer and English to promote the app and spread the word.

It is critical to promote the app in areas where users regularly gather such as universities, garment factories, restaurants, and parks. We would recommend you gather the contact information of ‘star users’ who have shown a special interest in the project. Create a plan to follow up on their user experience and gather case stories. Leaflets on how to use and download the apps should be printed and distributed at workshops, presentations, and other meetings as well. One of the lessons learnt from VXW Award, we find it very helpful to partner with organizations that work with the same target groups (young women, garment factory workers, entertainment workers and beer promoters). In this manner, they can help promote the app on our behalf and reach the hands of target audiences on a bigger scale.