A Toolkit for Mobile App Development for Ending Violence Against Women

Synthesize Findings

By this point, you’ve defined the challenge you want to tackle. You’ve explored existing solutions by talking to thought leaders in this space, you’ve identified who your target audience should be, and went into the field to conduct user interviews. Now is the time to systematically gather those findings so you can begin the creation phase.

Step 1 of 2: Identify Themes

Read through your user interview surveys.

  • Should you build an iPhone or Android app? What were the most common devices people were using?
  • What were the common issues that people were talking about?
  • What social/cultural factors shape that problem?
  • What did people talk about needing to address the problems they talked about?

Step 2 of 2: Create User Personas

User Personas are key to the human-centered design process, as they are a constant reminder to you when you’re building your app about who your target audience is. Throughout all your work moving forward, you will always want a copy of your user personas up on the wall and available, so you can think about them through your creation process. They are a way to model, summarize and communicate the information that you found during your user interviews.

What is a user persona?

A persona is depicted as a specific person, but is not a real individual; rather it is synthesized from observations of many people. Each persona represents a significant portion of people in the real world. This will help you when you begin to create your app, as it will help you focus on who you are building this app for without having to look at all of your user interview surveys.

What does a user persona look like?

Usually a persona is represented on a single piece of paper. It includes information like the photo of a person and gives that persona a name. The user persona will usually communicate demographic information, goals, values, and behaviors.

Now try building 2-3 different personas based on the interviews you conducted. Use this template to start building your own user personas.