A Toolkit for Mobile App Development for Ending Violence Against Women


The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation (TAF) is a non-profit international development organization committed to improving lives across Asia. TAF has been working for peace and prosperity with the people of Cambodia since 1955. Through periods of turmoil, reconstruction, and growth, TAF has supported thousands of schools and universities, government agencies, NGOs, citizens’ groups, business associations and small and medium enterprises to help advance Cambodia’s economic, social, and political development.

TAF supports information and communications technology for development (ICT4D), applying 21st century technologies to advance democracy, human rights, and governance objectives with a strong emphasis on the use of ICTs and access to information. TAF’s approaches to EVAW programs are well-informed, evidence-based, and rooted in decades of experience in designing, implementing, and managing these interventions. Regionally, TAF has supported some of the first shelters to help victims, supported advocacy groups on passage and implementation of VAW laws in several countries, worked with men's groups on cutting-edge "Men Stop Violence" campaigns, and conducted research studies on VAW. Since supporting the first-ever study on domestic violence in Cambodia in 1994, TAF has been working with a range of civil society to raise awareness, advocate for policy change, and change negative attitudes and social customs that perpetuate all forms of VAW, while working politically to increase the capacity of law enforcement, formal and informal justice officials, social service providers, and policymakers to address VAW and respond holistically to the needs of survivors.

Regionally across Asia, TAF has also worked with local software developers, subject-matter experts, and social entrepreneurs to generate high quality, impactful technology solutions within a range of contexts. These projects have given citizens access to innovative new apps and websites that enhance understanding and disseminate crucial information. They also exhibit a new way for software developers to engage with and support their societies and governments, strengthening the ability of young creators and activists to effect positive change.

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit was designed for activists, community leaders and other individuals and organizations seeking to design mobile applications to help End Violence Against Women, or other social causes. You need not necessarily have deep expertise in mobile technology or EVAW to use the toolkit, as the steps will help you deepen your understanding of the people and problem you are addressing, and ensure you are equipped with the language and outputs you need to take your app to a developer.

UK Department for International Development

This toolkit was funded through the generous support of the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID)

DFID (2013) Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls through Security and Justice (S&J) Programming

Preventing VAWG is also a priority for DFID’s Ministerial team:

DFID (2011) Strategic Vision for Women and Girls

Preventing violence

DFID will support interventions to reform and strengthen security services, police, and policy and decision making bodies to improve women’s access to security and justice services. We will help 10 million women to access justice through the courts, police, and legal assistance. This will include supporting survivors of violence to seek legal redress, alongside resolving disputes over issues such as land and inheritance.

We aim to work in at least 15 countries to address physical and sexual violence against girls and women – increasing the numbers of survivors who have access to treatment and advice, and whose cases are satisfactorily investigated. Innovative approaches to creating safe spaces for girls and women will be explored, along with work to support behaviour change, by challenging social attitudes and perceptions. We recognise that there are significant knowledge gaps on the extent and nature of violence against girls and women and of effective interventions to address it – we will work with partners to build the evidence base. We will closely monitor our country pilots to identify interventions that can be taken to scale.


Refined HCD Toolkit:

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